Best Laptops Under 30000 Rs

Best Laptops Under 30KList Of Laptops under 30000

This is one of those articles where usually you find a list of tech options that just barely scrape under the assigned limit. On top of that what you usually get are regurgitated stats and maybe a game or two that the system would play well. In this article, I will do only one of those things. Some of the laptops chosen were barely under the mark, but I selected systems that best fit specific uses, such as gaming, general use, high memory usage (like loading large spreadsheets and databases) and multimedia editing like using photoshop.

Best Laptops Under 30K

List Of Laptops under 30000

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Top 5 Laptops Under 30000Rs

Now the astute reader will note that some of these laptops are not ideal for the tasks selected. While this may be true, given the selection available at the established price point (under 30,000 Rs.), these laptops are the best fit. We have divided the categories for persons depending on the user role they play while choosing best laptops under good price range!

Cheap Laptops For the Gamer:HP AC184TU ~ 27970 Rs

Cheap HP AC184TU Laptop for SaleThe cost for this machine is set at 27,970 Rs. This system comes with a Core i3 processor, 4GB of RAM and 128 MB of Video Graphics memory. This will allow you to run most games at low resolution and low settings.  Now I won’t try and sell you on this system being the ideal gaming platform, because it’s not. This is a laptop for what one would call a more casual gamer, or a gamer who prefers older / lighter games, like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, or Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

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Cheap Laptops For the Layperson: HP 15-ac039TU ~ 17990Rs

Cheap Priced Laptop At HP 15-ac039TU

Cheap HP 15-ac039TU Best Deal

This one has a dual core Celeron processor with 2 GB of RAM. This system is certainly on the lower end of the spectrum spec wise, but it can handle pretty much any everyday task thrown at it. Browsing, email, youtube – this is one system that can handle all of these things, and it’s at an economical price to boot. If I were starting up a new company, or just keeping the budget as a high priority, this is a system I would go with.

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Cheap Laptops For the Database Admins: Lenovo G40-45  ~27,990Rs



This system comes in at 27,990 rupees. It has an AMD Quad Core A8 processor, which can run up to 8 virtual cores. If a standard Quad Core is like have four processors in one, this is like having 8. It also comes with 8 GB of ram, which can be upgraded to 16 GB if needed. This is enough power to handle large spreadsheets and databases. For the price, that’s not too bad.

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Cheap Laptops For the Video / Audio Editor: HP 15-ac170tu ~ Rs. 25,490

HP 15-ac170tu Cheapest Rate

HP 15-ac170tu at Cheapest Price

For 25,490 rupees, this system comes with the essentials for editing. The processor is a strong 5th gen 13, and it comes with 4 GB, which can be upgraded to 8 GB. What this means for the editor is that they can start working with it right out of the box. If it proves a little slow for the work they’re doing, they can go pick up more ram and upgrade it with ease.  The 500GB hard drive also ensures the first several months of work can be saved with ease before any need to external hard drives or additional storage will become necessary.

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I do hope this guide makes your laptop selections a bit more clear. Enjoy! You can add up more which ever you like are more appropriate in this price Range! Thank You!

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